As the official NFT sponsor of Digital Art Fair Asia 2021, we want to highlight some of the best artists to showcase their incredible work at the upcoming festival.

Below is our first featured artist for a Q&A — Derry Ainsworth. Enjoy!

How did you find art? Or did art find you?

Art was something instilled in me by my parents from an early age. I was always drawing and painting growing up. Eventually I wanted a job that was deemed professional and creative so I went down the route of architecture. …

About Digital Art Fair Asia

We are ecstatic to announce that Refinable will be the official NFT partner for Digital Art Fair Asia 2021 (DAFA). Digital Art Fair will showcase innovative and immersive digital media and new art technologies.

Exclusive Art at Digital Art Fair Asia

Taking place in Central, Hong Kong between September 30th and October 17th, 2021, DAFA will present some of the most cutting-edge digital artwork by renowned artists that are using the latest technologies in the digital space. The types of artwork on display will include VR, AR, Immersive Experience, 3D Mapping, NFT Art, and many more. …

Tell us about yourself in one sentence.
My name is Pavel, I was born and raised in Russia. I work under the nickname Bauchaos, which hints at my musical and artistic preferences.

How did you find art? Or did art find you?
It’s very difficult to hide from art these days, it will find you by itself, even if you don’t want it. We are all immersed in art from early childhood, although we do not immediately begin to fully realize what it is. However, everyone has their own idea of art, and I think this is wonderful, it speaks of…

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing into overdrive — shill us your most creative memes and win fun prizes!

Starting from September 1st to September 8th, 2021, Refinable will be hosting a community meme competition. The winner of the competition will receive FINE tokens and have their meme minted into existence as an NFT.

But there’s just one catch that makes this competition stand out from the others…

Participants can take part in English or 1 of the 4 following languages in our community groups:

And about that winner I…

Multi-chain Integration is Available Now!

We’re proud to officially announce our first cross-chain integration — Polygon (formerly known as MATIC)! Starting today, users will be able to mint NFTs on the Polygon network directly on Refinable.

About Polygon

Polygon is an easy-to-use, full-stack scaling solution created to scale the Ethereum network in order to bring in mass adoption. It also acts as a bridge to and from the Ethereum network, enabling users a seamless transition between them. …

Being a Business Studies Educator by day and digital artist by night, 28-year old Nicolas Lascar always wanted to create something significant from his two passions. This is how the ‘HAVOC’ project was born from the ashes the moment he first learned about Non-Fungible Tokens.

‘Heroes and Villains of Crypto’ is a set of educational card collectibles featuring your favorite cryptocurrency personalities, and common market situations in a fancy style. The card can be collected for its unique and original artwork, as a learning tool for crypto enthusiasts or both!

How did you find art? Or did art find you?

Refinable community, here is your chance to become part of something BIG. As you probably know by now, NFTs are changing the way that we live. From art to real estate, live events to music, the use cases for NFTs are truly endless. Join the revolution by becoming a Refinable Ambassador and help drive adoption, spread the word and take part in this new and exciting industry!

To help us on our journey towards widespread NFT adoption, we are inviting members from our community to join us. …

Just 3 months ago, we launched our marketplace and were taken away by the amount of loyalty and support from our users. Since then, our community has continually grown day by day and, thanks to you, we’re becoming quite a thriving marketplace!

So, to further connect with our Refinable community, we‘ve launched our official Discord server, where you can chat and discuss about the NFT world, while getting support and updates from the Refinable team.

But wait…there’s more! Specifically, NFTs galore!

To celebrate the launch of our Discord server, we will be giving out free, one-of-a-kind NFTs to our community…

Tell us about yourself in one sentence.

I’m a freelance 3D motion designer based in Philippines since 2010

How did you find art? Or did art find you?

To be honest I never saw myself as an artist but more of a designer. A designer who solves problems… when a client comes in with questions, we will help solve their problem. An artist is more in tune with his/her emotion and lets art do the talking. I have always believed I have no talent for art :)

So, why NFT?

I tried out NFT because it empowers artists. We don’t…

2021 really has been the “hockey stick” moment for the NFT industry, as we saw the explosive growth in “things” being minted — everything from artworks to real estate timeshares to music festivals and more.

At Refinable, our goal has always been to develop a NFT marketplace for anyone to create anything, anywhere. We believe in accessibility, and offer multi-chain flexibility, ultra-low cost alternatives and high performance options to our users. …


Refinable is an interactive, multi-chain NFT marketplace that provides a one-stop solution to create, discover, trade and leverage NFTs ▶

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