Artist Spotlight — Adrian Picardi

Adrian Picardi is an award-winning artist/director based in Los Angeles, California. His film work has amassed over 250 million views and is often dark in tone and highly stylistic. Picardi opened a nightclub in 2015 in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’s Art District, which featured architecture and artwork based on some of his past work, highly inspired by Deus Ex’s neo-noir vibe. Much of his most viewed content is correlated in the video game space or for the video game industry such as Ubisoft’s The Division and EA’s Battlefield.

Can you tell us about your art journey?

Adrian: Technology has been such a huge factor in my journey as it continually unlocks new tools which were either non-existent or extremely difficult to obtain for artists in the past. From the advent of digital cameras replicating 24FPS in the DV age to modern-day cameras capable of rivaling the quality and aesthetic of traditional super 35mm film, I am constantly inspired by burgeoning tech that incites fresh curiosity as to what these new mediums could unlock in the art world. Currently, I am experimenting with LiDAR technology and how its application can be used artistically.

What is your driving force behind the creation?

Adrian: I’ve always had a very difficult time expressing myself and, in a way, my artwork is a form of catharsis. I tend to explore psychological themes and am drawn toward artwork that leaves an emotional impression upon the viewer. Films like Apocalypse Now, Requiem for a Dream, and Irreversible had moved me so greatly that the potential pitfalls of pursuing a career in the art world seemed negligent, so long as I can continue to create. Another driving force is music and how it elicits emotion. I tend to strive to create art that connects the two mediums in interesting and emotional ways.

Pick one of your NFT artworks and tell us about the story behind it.

Adrian: The SPORE artbook is connecting the digital with the physical. This is my first NFT on the blockchain market and I plan to continue to create NFTs that complement my filmmaking portfolio. I am a huge fan of special features on limited edition DVDs of films I love. I want to continue that tradition even though physical ownership is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I found the NFT market could be a digital extension of that practice. I want to create artwork that is tangible and unique to collect. There are only two physical versions of the Spore NFT and as Spore begins its film festival circuit, I want to give a piece of this project to anyone who might find value in this type of artform.

What directs you to the NFT world?

Adrian: As an artist who uses technology as a creative medium, it’s absolutely amazing to see the concept of art ownership transform into the next stage alongside the digital revolution. Once VR / AR technology becomes ubiquitous, maybe we’ll be showing off our holograms of collected artwork instead of stashing them away in a safe.

Why do you choose Refinable?

Adrian: Refinable is a streamlined way to access and create NFTs while minimizing commission and gas fees and maximizing the discovery of new artists. Refinable is the best choice when it comes to NFT experimentation and that is a prime breeding ground for new creative voices in the digital art landscape.

What kinds of art do you want to see on Refinable?

Adrian: I sincerely hope the film industry will take advantage of this new medium. I have a massive DVD/Blu-ray collection of films and I would love to see more NFT artwork and special content for cinephiles like myself. Maybe that way I could clear up some physical space in my house.

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