Artist Spotlight — Barbsie

Barbsie is a contemporary London artist. Her paintings are colorful and witty that capture the imagination. She creates art to motivate and inspire people to reach their goals, and to live life to the fullest. This moment in history is an opportunity for all dreamers and doers to get involved at the beginning of crypto and NFTs becoming mainstream. Let’s get inspired together…

Can you tell us about your art journey?

Barbsie: I have been interested in arts since childhood, and it was always my favourite activity. However my first education was in Chemistry and after graduation I was travelling a lot and painting was always with me. After 8 month of working on my first series collection of paintings and applying to galleries in Moscow, I received a number of submissions and several private exhibitions. Then I happened to work as an art director in the Advertising Industry where I learned and practiced my graphic designer skills and creativity. However I decided that to fulfill my artistic spirit I wanted to devote my life entirely to art, quit the job, and took a life changing decision to move to London to study and pursue my art career. Studied at Central Saint Martins, I developed my own bright and unique recognizable style. After that I had 16 exhibitions in London (Aria Art Gallery, Moxie Gallery, J/M Gallery, Red Elephant Gallery, Mortons Private Club, The Court Private Club, Opium, Mandrake Hotel, Blakes Hotel, etc)

What is your driving force behind creation?

Barbsie: I create art to motivate and inspire people to reach their goals, to live life to the fullest, to taste the dreams as there is no second life for our ambition. So whatever you do, do with passion. So I want to bring that sense to my art collectors and at the same time aspire artists.

Pick one of your NFT artwork and tell us about the story behind it.

Barbsie: My Artwork “Ethereum Land” features Cyberpunk Astronaut Girl on Ethereum Planet among beautiful metaverse creatures. She is a main Character of the Surreal Serenity Series, a naked girl in a helmet, half human and half alien, waiting for her wild nature to reveal.

“Ethereum land“ (Full version:

Why did you become interested in NFTs?

Barbsie: Back in 2017 I was painting a series about bitcoin and crypto related art. But it was presenting art within the crypto community and accepting payment in crypro and although I knew about crypto kitties and projects I joined the NFT community this winter when it became mainstream and possible for artists to efficiently grow in that space. Since I already had the required skills for building my digital collection, I immediately turned into and started focusing on digital art only. I think it is another new dimension of art that helps artists to bring a new level of experience to art collectors.

Why did you choose Refinable?

Barbsie: I am amazed by the scale of the project and the experience of the team and I think that this platform has a huge potential to compete with exciting giants. The fact that it is Binance Smart chain makes it artist friendly and easy to use. I think there will be many advanced features that will help artists to grow and community to evolve since it is launching as a next generation of NFT platforms

What’s your prediction of NFTs in the future?

Barbsie: I think that NFTs will become mainstream and the industry will create new gadgets to make it more interactive for collectors to show and share art they possess. NFTs will move more into all areas of our life being the only real proof of authenticity and deep connections between creator and owner

View Barbsie’s featured NFTs on Refinable here:

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