Tell us about yourself in one sentence.
My name is Pavel, I was born and raised in Russia. I work under the nickname Bauchaos, which hints at my musical and artistic preferences.

How did you find art? Or did art find you?
It’s very difficult to hide from art these days, it will find you by itself, even if you don’t want it. We are all immersed in art from early childhood, although we do not immediately begin to fully realize what it is. However, everyone has their own idea of art, and I think this is wonderful, it speaks of complete freedom. Personally, I became interested in art at a very early age, when I saw in a school textbook a artwork called “Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge” by El Lissitzky, for me, this is still the standard of how an author can convey an idea to the viewer as simply as possible.

So, why NFT?
NFT is a great way to distribute works of art, which solves many problems inherent in physical media: the collector gets the atrwork instantly, there is no need to deal with packaging and transportation (eco-friendly! :)), there are no problems with customs and the collection of all kinds of documents, artwork will not be damaged by the carrier, there are no problems with establishing the authenticity of the work, plus, as a bonus, you can be sure that your NFT will definitely not have craquelures in the future. But the most precious thing is not even the technology, it is the NFT community which is just wonderful! This is not yet mainstream and in this area there are very, very many enthusiasts who are on the same wavelength with you, everyone is very friendly, open and support each other.

What is your medium and why?
I quit working with acrylic and oil paints 4 months ago and now I have completely switched to digital art, now my main medium is neural networks, which I perceive as photography — it’s a long search for a good shot. Neural networks is a truly unique tool, it allows you to surprise others and surprise yourself at the same time.

Your favourite NFT artwork? It could be yours…or someone else’s.
I am a big fan of the work of the French artist Roro from BakArtStudio7 (everyone knew him for a long time as Roro Cyclops, but now he already uses a more basic pseudonym — Roro). He has a amazing artwork called «On the road to Wonderland»

On the road to Wonderland — BakArtStudio7

I can recommend his works to all fans of horror art, some of his works can be distinguished in a new separate style — elegant horror. I also like the works of Nicolas Lascar (‘HAVOC’ project). Refinable recently wrote about him in Artist Spotlight, and I have been following his work. I think he has a wonderful recognizable style.

Most unusual NFT “thing” you’ve seen, and why?
I was very surprised by the cool NFT project called Neural Pepe, it’s just crazy. Pepe frogs created by a neural network! I haven’t seen anything more original, funny and hypnotic for a long time.

Why Refinable?
I have been with Refinable almost from the first weeks of Marketplace launch and i am amazed at how actively the project is developing, in such a short time there are many partnerships, NFT real estate auction, recent Polygon support and future Ethereum support (this is impressive), multi-chain is a very smart strategic move. Good news and new announcements come from you every day, and it proves that you are passionate about what you do. And that means a lot to me.

Imagine we are in the FUTURE. What will NFT mean to you then?
Everything is developing so fast that the NFTs created now will probably become expensive antiques in 4 years, and I will become an antique dealer :) Maybe right at this moment somewhere on our planet there is a guy, let’s call him Taylor (I just like this name), who is burning NFT right now, which will be worth millions in a couple of years. Take care of your NFTs folks! I think that the potential of this technology is not fully disclosed and we are waiting for a lot of surprises!


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