Artist Spotlight — Kay Pike

Bodypaint is having a big moment in the world of makeup artistry. A fun and short-lived hack during Halloween and festivals has now transitioned into a growing popular art form and is now even shining in the NFT world. We are lucky to have Kay Pike sit down with us to unpack the concept of 3D art and share her art journey.

Can you tell us about your art journey?

Kay: I have been an independent artist my entire adult life. Having to work hard to put myself through high school, I soon grew to lean on my gifts and talents as I could not afford training in any vocation. It’s been quite an adventure; I began with 3D design and learned patterning and costume making. It wasn’t long before I became a cosplay guest, which allowed me to evolve into the on-camera personality that I am now. These days, I specialize in technical paintings that happen to be more of a cosplay format. My first painting became a top post on Reddit and invited me to grow the creative project they were experimenting with at the time. Since then, I have dedicated my time to uplift others through my art.

What is your driving force behind your creation?

Kay: I create to connect and teach. I am incredibly driven to help others to succeed in creating art — in the easiest way possible. I always take a “pay it forward” approach to every project. The live stream format is an excellent way for me to pass on my learnings to anyone who is interested and curious. Literally anything from marketing to taking selfies and using Photoshop.

As a 3D artist, I am very driven to show that there is humanity in all artworks. Part of my message in all of my work is that there is a soul behind everything you see, a complex three dimensional being behind every 2D image.

Pick one of your NFT artwork and tell us about the story behind it.

Kay: Three Dimensional Crystal is actually a powerful piece of artwork about pushing one’s limits…and strange luck. Every now and then I try to do a particularly technical piece. This image I was trying to tame a white painting. Flaky and tricky pigments to use; white colours are technically the most difficult to work with. I was trying to give myself a crystalline look.

The idea was sunset colours shining through her crystal skin. The goal was to make her look transparent, so you could then see the back of her clothing. By altering value scales and shadows, this paint became famous for “looking 3D”…which is super funny to me because she’s “supposed” to be 3D!

Also, every time I paint her something incredibly lucky happens. She is definitely my lucky charm!

What directs you to the NFT world?

Kay: I am attracted to anything that might empower artists. My life’s mission in art is to help uplift others to succeed so that no one else has to be a starving artist. I saw right away that NFTs’ in principle was just another platform and revenue stream for young and emerging artists. I always encourage everyone to find their voice through art — regardless of whether you pursue a career or not. Art is just incredibly good for your well-being, and allows you to find and know yourself better. Sadly, not many people want to spend the time to develop their world in art, but I would encourage everyone to just try and create something! I have taught things from eBay to Etsy, from cosplay to commissions, from streaming to social media just trying to help people find ways to explore art revenues. I was the first in my peer group to be interested in NFTs; now I’m an influencer so I am keen to continue learning about the best ways to integrate NFTs into my art survival kit for others to use.

Why do you choose Refinable?

Kay: Refinable looks both promising and very exciting.

Having an NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain is a new and exciting opportunity to see how other technologies are received in the NFT space. I’m just grateful and excited to be given the opportunity to be an early adopter and be on this platform right away. I like the low fees and fast transaction times, which is something many are drawn to…so I really wouldn’t mind being where new eyes are viewing art. I like being where curiosity is.

Check out Kay’s marketplace on Refinable here:

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Refinable is empowering Web3 commerce. Multi-chain NFT Marketplace. Custom Storefronts.

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