Artist Spotlight — Nicolas Lascar

Being a Business Studies Educator by day and digital artist by night, 28-year old Nicolas Lascar always wanted to create something significant from his two passions. This is how the ‘HAVOC’ project was born from the ashes the moment he first learned about Non-Fungible Tokens.

‘Heroes and Villains of Crypto’ is a set of educational card collectibles featuring your favorite cryptocurrency personalities, and common market situations in a fancy style. The card can be collected for its unique and original artwork, as a learning tool for crypto enthusiasts or both!

How did you find art? Or did art find you?

I like to think about my art journey in three phases; Genesis, Experimentation and Deepening.

When I was 10, Mrs. Dorine, my teacher, reported to mom about my lack of interest in art class. When mother told me about it, that hurt my feelings because I was the nerd kid getting straight As in the basics every time, every year. I could NOT just leave it like this. So, I saved two-weeks worth of pocket money, went to the grocery store and bought an insane amount of those chewing gum packs that came with Dragon Ball Z fake tattoos in the packaging (Now that I think about it, it’s my first investment in my art). I stuck all of the characters on a single A4 page and practiced drawing them until it became natural. 3 months later, I won the first prize in the school art competition. That was Genesis.

Experimentation came in High School where I was much influenced by Anime/Manga style. Only God knows how many times I have paused Naruto, Bleach or Fullmetal Alchemist to capture a character in an interesting posture. This discovery phase continued until college where the tables of the University still bear the strokes of my boredom in a 3-hour long ‘Law of Trusts’ lecture. This phase ended when I started my first job at a Commercial Bank in 2015. I would not draw seriously again until 5 years later.

March 2020. I had been a teacher for three years then. Coronavirus just started to panic the whole world and a complete lockdown was imposed in Mauritius. I had an iPad, an Apple Pencil and time. A LOT of time. There were no excuses. So, I jumped on the learning bandwagon; jotted down everything I could find on digital art, took a free or paid course here and there, learnt the basics from Paintable, until the 7th October 2020 where I found a portrait of one student of Angel Ganev. At that moment, I knew this was the style I was looking for. The Deepening stage had started. Since that day, I’ve been on an adventure with the Doodle Warriors (Angel’s Patreon) and been practicing for at least 2 hours every day.

In the end, art has just become part of me.

So, why NFT?

During my art apprenticeship, when faces were starting to look decent on my portraits, back in April 2021, I began to look for ways to add to my income. Covid-19 had caused a financial turmoil and many of my family members became jobless. Like most portrait artists, I started with little portrait commissions here and there, until I read about some MetaKovan guy who bought a digital work from a Beeple dude for $ 69 million. Simultaneously, I was having more and more interest in crypto and the inevitable happened: my fervor for cryptocurrency married my passion for digital art. That new weird thing called Non-Fungible Tokens provided the solution and opportunity to all my rising aspirations.

What is your medium and why?

I use Procreate 5x on a 3rd generation iPad Air, coupled with an Apple pencil. Somehow, I am currently learning After Effects to create cards with some more ‘interesting’ features. This setup suits me the best cost-wise and due to the ease of use.

Your favourite NFT artwork? It could be yours…or someone else’s.

I have always been impressed by Bored Ape Yacht Club’s community building strategy. The art is simple, appealing and holders get awesome perks for holding.

Most unusual NFT “thing” you’ve seen, and why?

I don’t think the NFT world has seen something more genius/weird/unusual than the Burning Banksy stunt. Burning a print just to sell it as an NFT and capitalize on its value is just smart.

Why Refinable?

Refinable solves many issues for both the creator and the buyer. Perhaps, what makes the platform most attractive is the low minting fees. Other advantages include easiness of use and the properly organized structure of the marketplace. Moreover, Refinable has an awesome, solid community on Telegram; a place where I feel like home and where we support one another. The team is doing its best to build strong partnerships and keep developing the project on a WEEKLY basis. That can’t be ignored. Those are the reasons why I stick with this ever-growing platform.

It’s 2025. We’re eating fake meat and sitting in flying cars. What will NFT mean to you then?

While Non-Fungible Tokens cover mostly digital art in 2021, I believe that the more the blockchain gets adopted by enterprises and institutions, the more NFTs will be touching other aspects of life, from authentic birth certificates and IDs to unique collectibles in our fast food meal that carry specific rewards.

NFTs are the future and I don’t see myself not riding this big wave of opportunity.

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