Artist Spotlight — Tokebi

Tokebi is a Guatemalan renowned artist and illustrator, best known for the use of skulls, bright neon colors, and kitsch aesthetic in his work. Tokebi rose to international popularity when Grammy winning heavy metal band Mastodon chose him to design their merchandise for the 2019’s European Tour. Tokebi is especially popular among rock bands, rappers, and DJs, and is seen as one of the ambassadors of the Guatemalan lowbrow movement.

Can you tell us about your art journey?

Tokebi: I started drawing skulls when I was little, almost getting me kicked out from the catholic school I used to go to. My art career started in 2010, in the streets of Seoul, where I used to sell my prints. Later, in 2014 and 2015, I founded an artistic space for international and Korean artists called “Nothing Serious I” and “Nothing Serious II”. In 2018 I participated in the exhibition “Etereo Estereo” held in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. However, most of my work is related to illustration branding. I’m also a university level professor. I taught Spanish and English while living in Korea, and am currently teaching Graphic Design, Multimedia and Illustration at the Istmo University in Guatemala.

What is your driving force behind creation?

Tokebi: I love drawing and I want to tell a story that many people can relate to, a mixture of retro nostalgia, retro futurism and the inevitability of death (memento mori). To demonstrate to the youth that if you work hard, any dream can be made true, and live your life according to your own precepts, and not dictated by others.

Pick one of your NFT artwork and tell us about the story behind it.

Tokebi: This one is just a simple reminder that the end of the journey is not important, but the journey itself, and the people around you when you take this journey that we call life.

“Traveling With You” — Tokebi

Check out Tokebi’s favorite NFT here:

What directs you to the NFT world?

Tokebi: I’m an Internet child. I’ve been living and working on the internet since 1998, I’ve been using computers since the floppy disk era, and I believe blockchain technology is the next internet frontier, and in between tokens like the NFTs will be part of everybody’s daily life in the near future.

Why do you choose Refinable?

Tokebi: Refinable is backed up by Binance, which is my currency trading house. For obvious reasons, I hold BNB coins and I would like to participate in extending the features of the bsc blockchain by at least entertaining bnb users with my art, instead of having to go to the ETH blockchain to acquire one. Also the bsc blockchain has compatibility with ETH, which can help the NFT world transcends blockchain frontiers. I was looking for a flagship house that I could relate and grow with.

How do you see NFT in the future?

Tokebi: At this time I see many opportunistic people trying to get some out of this (FOMO). But I truly believe the blockchain and digital community will prevail and an established nft trading world will be created. The lack of understanding in crypto and blockchain by the majority of people is what needs to be changed in the future.

View Tokebi’s marketplace on Refinable here:

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Refinable is empowering Web3 commerce. Multi-chain NFT Marketplace. Custom Storefronts.

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