Digital Art Fair Asia Artist Spotlight — Derry Ainsworth

As the official NFT sponsor of Digital Art Fair Asia 2021, we want to highlight some of the best artists to showcase their incredible work at the upcoming festival.

Below is our first featured artist for a Q&A — Derry Ainsworth. Enjoy!

How did you find art? Or did art find you?

Art was something instilled in me by my parents from an early age. I was always drawing and painting growing up. Eventually I wanted a job that was deemed professional and creative so I went down the route of architecture. During my studies I bought a camera to document and study buildings and I trained my eye for the urban environment.

After graduating, I booked a one way flight to Asia with my camera. It was really on this trip I learnt how to use a camera. I was so inspired by the beautiful cities in Asia that I never came home, settling in Hong Kong where I live now and eventually quit my full time job in architecture to pursue art and photography full time.

So, why NFTs?

The NFT space for me is a new and exciting platform to share our work. I love that it breaks down the traditional hierarchy of the art world, giving anyone access to a global digital marketplace and an open route to success. It allows collectors direct access to the wide range of the world’s best artistic talent. Artist’s also receive full value for their work and it can allow for artists to make a living in what they love doing. All of this is incredibly inspiring and motivating for artists and facilitates us to concentrate on doing what we love most — creating.

What is your medium and why?

Photography — I love capturing and documenting moments in the world. I feel like over time I have developed a unique eye on things and I love to share what I see around me. I hope my work brings out the beauty in the everyday ordinary and gets people to take a second look at the things around them. Alongside the other photographers at Digital Art Fair Asia, we hope to push the medium of photography further into the NFT space.

Framing Icons by Derry Ainsworth

Your favourite NFT artwork? It could be yours…or someone else’s.

Right now I am really fanboying over Refik Anadol’s recent work. It merges photos and visual elements of the real world with data in such a beautiful way. The pieces look like fluid data paintings, it’s really hypnotic to watch.

ARTECHOUSE NYC by Refik Anadol

Most unusual NFT “thing” you’ve seen, and why?

Beeples work always surprises me and creeps me out in a good way.

Why Refinable?

I think Refinable is an awesome platform for next gen artists, it has a cool modern look, great customisation options for artists, easy to use and backed by a fantastic team.

It’s 2025. We’re eating fake meat and sitting in flying cars. What will NFT mean to you then?

Hopefully we’ll be running a Digital Art Fair in other countries somewhere, surrounded by amazing artists, spreading the love for digital art!

About Digital Art Fair Asia

For more information about the event, stay tuned and remember to check our socials for updates. We will be promoting many on-site and offline events to celebrate Digital Art Fair Asia and the new and exciting art from our talented artists!

Thursday — Saturday, 30th September — 2nd October, 2021 (private viewing)
Sunday, 3rd October 2021–17th October, 2021 (open to public)

59–65 Queens Road Central
Hong Kong

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About Derry Ainsworth
British architect turned photographer based in Hong Kong. Curatorial Director of Digital Art Fair Asia.

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