Digital Art Fair Asia Spotlight — Featured Artists

Based in beautiful, vibrant Hong Kong, Digital Art Fair Asia is a two-week festival to celebrate the new generation of digital art. Starting tomorrow, September 30th, over 40 local and international artists will come together to showcase more than 200 NFT artworks. All of their creations will be exclusively featured and available to purchase on the Refinable marketplace during the event.

Today we are presenting a summary of all the featured artists showcasing at Digital Art Fair Asia. As a twist on usual NFTs, most of these pieces will come with both physical and digital versions. Mark your calendars and get ready to bid! Most of the artwork will be unique editions only.

Without further ado, here are our Digital Art Fair Asia featured artists of the week!

Derry Ainsworth

“Framing Icons” by Derry Ainsworth.

Derry is a British-born photographer based in Hong Kong. In order to survive in one of the world’s most expensive cities with only a camera, he had to teach himself how to shoot almost every field of photography. His plethora of styles range from cityscapes to portraits, food to interiors, and even drone work to videography.

Derry has now shot over 1000 events, both locally in Hong Kong and around the world. His work has covered many of the most famous events in Hong Kong, including Clockenflap, HK Rugby 7’s, Art Central. Apart from events, some of Derry’s clients include Red Bull, Peroni, and the Hong Kong Tourist Board, amongst many other well-known brands and organizations.

In Derry’s photo ’Framing Icons’, he presents a snapshot of Hong Kong through his keen eye for street photography. Within the gaps in the building is the Bank of China Tower (left) and The Center building (right), two of the most famous ones in the city. This perspective only begins to demonstrate Derry’s skill for finding mind-blowing shots in unique locations.

You can follow Derry Ainsworth here:


“Fucking Universe” by Lours

Lours is a London-based artist that started out painting illegal graffiti over 20 years ago and transitioned her field of expertise to Art Direction specializing in Costume and Stage Design. The graffiti street art flooded her life, unveiling a new way of life, new techniques, new people, and new influences, which improved her skills in every aspect.

She focuses on the surreal-realist style, influenced by everything that surrounds her. These influences could be anything from her current feelings to the contrast of the sky. Art is her way of communicating with the world. Lours is also a member of the all-female WOM Collection in Brixton, UK.

In her artwork “Fucking Universe”, Lours introduces a dark, yet vibrant display. The piece has a punky feel, yet it also gives a sort of Star Wars vibe. Stay posted for more of her work and check out her socials.

You can follow Lours here:

Nacho Welles

“Fortune Teller” by Nacho Welles.

Nacho Welles is a Spanish artist based in London who focuses on painting techniques mixed with digital media, from murals around the world to canvases and computer illustrations. Trained as a portrait artist and oil painter, his unique style makes him stand out from other similar artists.

Nacho has also been a professional graffiti artist for the last 9 years and works with all the major Street Art and hand-painted advertisement companies in the UK. He has also completed commissions all around the world including Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia, Germany and Spain to name a few. A few of his commissioned works include Global Street Art, End of the Line, Bespoke Mural, Graffiti4Hire, Paint Freaks, Graffiti Painters, and many others.

In his artwork “Fortune Teller”, Nacho forces us to peer into a world shrouded in mystery. The green colours give a natural and welcoming vibe, inviting the viewer in. What will your fortune be? View more of his work on Nacho’s socials and our future updates.

You can follow Nacho Welles here:


The Future is Bright” by Szabotage.

Gustav Szabo, better known as Szabotage is a British artist based in Hong Kong whose work is characterized by bright colors mixed with popular cultural references. His vision takes a critical view of immediate surroundings and often references the landscape of world cities, exploring the relationship between urban architecture and their communities.

Szabotage held his first London solo exhibition ‘SHHH Women’s Erotic Emporium’, in Shoreditch, London. Since then, he has exhibited internationally, with sold out exhibitions, solo shows, and numerous collaborative projects, commercial and private commissions including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Evisu, Ritz Carlton, Jaeger Lecoultre, Gweilo Beer, Pret A Manger and many more.

In his artwork “The Future is Bright”, Szabotage wonderfully showcases his love for vibrant colours and culture. Popular Hong Kong sights are presented in an appealing and eye-popping way. See more on Szabo’s socials and our future updates.

You can follow Szabotage here:


“Nagare” by TAXA

Taxa was born and raised in Japan where he established a love for traditional and contemporary Japanese art. In his later years, TAXA went on to explore the world and lived in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and Hong Kong. These experiences and cultural differences have inspired his art and lifestyle, along with snowboarding, tattoos, and street art culture.

To his delight, Taxa was one of the finalists of Secret Walls x Hong Kong series 4 and the Hong Kong winner of the Vans Asia Custom Culture competition 2017, which he was also one of the finalists in Asia. He has also participated in Hong Kong’s annual worldwide graffiti street art festival called HKWalls, Meeting of Styles in Manila, Philippines and Europe’s biggest street art festival called Upfest in Bristol, UK.

In his piece ‘Nagare’, TAXA presents us with a dreamy, reflective feeling of the past. The past is being held by a thread, perhaps symbolizing that people tend to hold on to it for too long and it pulls them down. Venture through TAXA’s work on his socials, our future posts, and Refinable of course!

You can follow TAXA here:

Vivian Ho

“pui pui molcar” by Vivian Ho

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Vivian Ho’s work consists of figurative oil paintings, charcoal on paper as well as mixed media works that deal consistently with the notions of life and death, while referencing the emotional attachment to the city in which she grew up. Vivian portrays the desires of common citizens through unassuming characters who battle with issues of identity, loneliness, and the daily struggles of the layman.

​Over the last 9 years, Vivian has been part of many local and international exhibitions. She now hosts local exhibitions in Hong Kong, such as ‘Wish you were here, ‘Shout Arthub & Gallery’ and ‘Vivian HO — I don’t understand your sorrow, A2Z Art Gallery’.

In her latest fun and playful piece ‘pui pui molcar’, Vivian perfectly captures the bustling streets of Mong Kok. Full of life, this is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and Vivian captures the wild, chaotic side in a beautiful, colourful way. Catch Vivian’s socials and our future posts for more information.

You can follow Vivian Ho Here:

Surreal HK — Tommy Fung

“The Tram Snow” by surrealhk

Our next feature is Tommy Fung, the artist behind Surreal HK. He is a graphic designer and photographer, and started the project on Instagram in 2017. Tommy likes to show an alternative reality, or let’s say, a surreal version of iconic places, vehicles, and situations in Hong Kong. But he also touches down on environmental, social, and political topics. Each picture is a result of a combination of photos that he takes himself, with creativity and Photoshop.

What differentiates Tommy is that he specializes in photo manipulation, and his style is so photo-realistic that people cannot tell between what is real and what is edited. He gets his artistic inspiration from pop culture and movies, especially those involving great special effects.

In his work ‘The Tram Snow’, surrealhk depicts a winter wonderland in a city where this is purely impossible. In some ways, the piece could be pointing to the evidence that global warming is changing the climate of places all around the world at a rapid rate. Stay up to date on Tommy’s socials and our future posts for more information.

You can follow SurrealHK here:

Sean Foley

“Transient” by Sean Foley

Sean Foley is an Australian street photographer based in Hong Kong. His photography captures moments of solitude within a chaotic urban environment with imagery based around vibrant neon signs and gritty dystopian landscapes. When Sean first arrived in Hong Kong in 2013, he was immediately struck with culture shock. He had never been to any city quite like Hong Kong and the first thing that he noticed were the amazing colors that the gorgeous neon signs would cast across the unique architecture. There was something about the neon signs that gripped his attention and admiration, and it almost gave him a sense of nostalgia.

He first picked up a DSLR in 2017 and set out on a mission to capture all of the remaining neon signs as they were slowly being dismantled and removed due to some new regulations in the city. It wasn’t long before Sean became addicted to photography, and he spent long nights after work trekking all over Hong Kong, hunting for new scenes and moments to capture became his escape. He describes photography as his meditation. When he is out shooting, all those inner voices become silent and focused on the one goal — to make something meaningful and beautiful.

In his photo ‘Transient’, Sean Foley captures the iconic neon lights that he has become so famous for. By taking this snapshot in time, we will be able to remember the signature signs of Hong Kong and their lasting effect on the city’s culture. Dive into more of Sean’s work through his socials and our future updates.

You can follow Sean Foley here:

Digital Art Fair Asia

For more information about the event, stay tuned and remember to check our socials for updates. We will be promoting many on-site and offline events to celebrate Digital Art Fair Asia and the new and exciting digital art from our talented artists!

Thursday — Saturday, 30th September — 2nd October 2021 (private viewing)
Sunday, 3rd October 2021–17th October 2021 (open to public)

59–65 Queens Road
Hong Kong

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