Final Announcements — SDK Release and $FINE Buyback Initiative! 💸

We are finally at the end of the #ANNOUNCEMENT4WEEKS campaign! It’s two weeks until the end of the year and we want to finish strong. This week we released the Refinable Developer SDK which is a tool to help developers integrate their projects with our smart contracts and an announcement of our Holiday $FINE Buyback.

Calling All Developers! 👩‍💻👨‍💻

It will provide our marketplace testnet where developers can run minting tests to make sure the contract is working correctly. Within the SDK, it includes a plethora of methods including how to mint a new NFT, cancel a sale, burn an NFT, and list an auction to name a few. For the full list and guide, visit our Github for all the documentation! If necessary, users can even request a Refinable API key to integrate their project even further with the Refinable marketplace.

Holiday $FINE Buyback 🎁

In light of our recent efforts to give back to the community with incentive programs like #Nofee-vember, we will be launching another in the form of an end-of-year $FINE buy-back!

The details of our buy-back initiative are as follows: Refinable will be buying back 100% of transaction fees generated in December and purchase the equivalent amount in $FINE tokens. This will be a one-time event to promote healthy circulation of $FINE in the ecosystem. The total amount will be announced in January.

Thanks For Your Strong Support in 2021!

We hope to see more users buy and sell with $FINE on the Refinable marketplace for 2022, and we plan to launch more initiatives for $FINE holders. After all, our platform is powered and sustained by your engagement and activity, so it’s only right that the FINE Fam gets something in return.

Let’s make the final push to the end of the year together, and get ready for what 2022 has in store because Refinable definitely has some exciting releases for you 😉! Thank you FINE community, and fair well for now.

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