FinTech Made Easy With RioDeFi and Refinable!

2021 really has been the “hockey stick” moment for the NFT industry, as we saw the explosive growth in “things” being minted — everything from artworks to real estate timeshares to music festivals and more.

At Refinable, our goal has always been to develop a NFT marketplace for anyone to create anything, anywhere. We believe in accessibility, and offer multi-chain flexibility, ultra-low cost alternatives and high performance options to our users. With more and more every-day consumers getting interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT, it is critical that we and other blockchain companies create an accessible, user-friendly experience that is conducive to greater service adoption.

That is why we are so pleased to announce our partnership with Rio DeFi, a fintech company that bridges traditional and decentralized finance by developing solutions that connect banking institutions with blockchain systems. The company enables a seamless FIAT / crypto interface through Rio Wallet, Rio Chain, and Rio Pay. Consumers benefit from lower transaction fees, faster confirmations, better efficiency and returns and global reach.

As with many of our partners, we’ve found a like-minded friend in Rio DeFi. Through this partnership, we look forward to driving mass adoption of NFTs and DeFi in the easiest way possible. We will collaborate with them in facilitating growing numbers of cross-chain transfers of NFTs, and the use of NFTs in DeFi applications.

Welcome Rio DeFi to the Refinable family! To find out more about Rio DeFi, please click here.

About Refinable

Refinable is the definitive solution to create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs. Our marketplace provides an accessible environment, for any user, brand, or community, by offering multi-chain flexibility, ultra-low cost alternatives, and high performance options to engage with NFT content.

Beyond the marketplace, Refinable also offers custom solutions for brands and projects looking for new engagement opportunities.

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About RioDeFi

RioDeFi accelerates the mass adoption of digital assets by bridging traditional and decentralized finance. Our vision is a world in which everyone has access to decentralized financial (DeFi) services.

We develop solutions that connect banking institutions with blockchain systems. Our applications enable lower transaction fees, faster confirmations, more efficiency, better returns for savings account holders, and global reach.




Refinable is empowering Web3 commerce. Multi-chain NFT Marketplace. Custom Storefronts.

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Refinable is empowering Web3 commerce. Multi-chain NFT Marketplace. Custom Storefronts.

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