Flame On — Ignite the Spark and Trade NFTs with Pyroworld!

Introducing Pyroworld 🎉

Following our recent announcement to supporting more gaming NFT projects, we are burning inside to tell you about our most recent partnership with Pyroworld. Currently, available on our marketplace, Pyroworld NFTs will be sold and traded exclusively on Refinable. But act fast, as there are only a limited number of these badass-looking NFTs!

What is Pyroworld?

Pyroworld is a trading card game in the format of 2D and 3D NFT superheroes that will bring back order to the cryptosphere. The pyropack exists in a broken world, distorted by the greed of the 1%. Having been shaped by their own personal experiences, the Pyropack heroes have banded together to address the world’s inequalities and correct injustices.

Pyroworld is aimed at helping the 99% via real-life utility functions for users including a safe launchpad, a native token $PYRO, sharing business profits with $PYRO holders, weekly lotteries, NFT gaming and sales that generate back into the token, and charity donations! Let’s dive deeper into the pyropack to understand how the gaming project works.

$PYRO — Bringing Real Utility to the 99%

The native $PYRO token has a handful of unique use cases, as well as a max supply of 500 million tokens. At the coming ICO, anti-bot measures will be taken to ensure users will be able to buy at fair prices which would otherwise be manipulated by snipes or other bots.

The first use case of their token is called Pyropad. This is an anti-scam measure created to ensure long-term use cases. Pyroworld is dedicated to providing a platform for reliable and quality projects. The way it works is that if users hold a certain amount of tokens in their wallets, they will receive exclusive access to pre-sales for a short time. These onboarded projects will need to perform rigorous tests in order to work with Pryoworld, creating transparency and trust for users.

Next is a lottery program. There will be two lotteries every week: one for an NFT draw and the other for a BNB draw. In the first lottery, one lucky winner will win a free Pyroworld NFT. To be eligible, users must hold the equivalent of $200 in $PYRO tokens in their wallet. The second is a BNB lottery, in which 10 winners will have the chance to win some BNB and are also required to hold at least $200 in $PYRO tokens in their wallets. This amount is subject to change as the price of $PYRO tokens appreciates in value.

$PYRO token’s final utility is certain to get users hooked — buyback and charity. For every sale of a Pyroworld NFT, 15% of it goes directly to the Pyroworld buyback wallet, ensuring the NFT’s provide additional value to the $PYRO token. To further this awesome feat, 10% will also go to the charity wallet, enabling Pyroworld to continue its mission to help those most in need.


The Pyroworld team has an extremely busy year ahead of them! Set out in five different stages, the team will focus on gaining more gaming partners. After recently launching their website, social media accounts, and other crucial tasks, Pyroworld will promote their first exclusive NFT drops, lottery draws, charity donations, AMAs, and plenty of community contests.

At the moment, the project is relaunching their NFTs and burning unsold ones. This will change rarities and the number of editions for each character, so stay up to date to keep track of these updates as they come. Further down their roadmap includes an exchange and CoinGecko listing, a Pryopack comic book, token buybacks/burns and so much more to come!

The Journey Begins

Overall, Pyroworld is a project that we cannot be any more pumped about. Their NFTs, tokens, and roadmap are geared up and ready to make an impact in the NFT gaming space. Check out their website and socials for more information. Who knows, it might just spark some interest from you. Be sure to also have a look at their NFTs on our marketplace to see how cool the Pyropack is for yourself.

About Pyroworld
Pyroworld is the first NFT x Charity hybrid coin, sharing commercial profits with holders.

Website: pyroworld.org
Telegram: https://t.me/PyroworldOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pyro_Tweets
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Pyroworld.Official/
Medium: https://medium.com/@Pyroworld.Official

About Refinable
Refinable is the definitive solution to create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs. Our marketplace provides an accessible environment, for any user, brand, or community, by offering multi-chain flexibility, ultra-low cost alternatives, and high performance options to engage with NFT content.

Beyond the marketplace, Refinable also offers custom solutions for brands and projects looking for new engagement opportunities.

Contact Us
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