Important Refinable TGE Announcement

Update: The new official Refinable Polkastarter IDO date is 27th April 2021, 1:00PM UTC.

We are extremely grateful for all the community support we have received throughout the past several weeks and hope to cap off our token sale with a smooth and eventful token launch. Unfortunately, due to delays in the planned PancakeSwap V2 Migration event, we have decided to postpone our token launch today instead.

PancakeSwap is currently undergoing a migration event to upgrade its V2 staking platform. All existing LP tokens will be affected and users will be required to upgrade their V1 LP tokens. Because our TGE event includes a special LP staking pool program with MANTRA DAO, users will be required to upgrade their LP tokens during a staking program which is potentially disruptive and confusing to the community. A simpler and better alternative will be to wait for the successful upgrade of PancakeSwap before opening our FINE-BNB liquidity pool, so to avoid any hassle with the LP token upgrade.

The confusion from the PancakeSwap migration may significantly affect the Refinable token generation and staking event we have planned for the past few weeks. As such, we have decided to postpone our Polkastarter IDO and MANTRA DAO staking event for a few days to reduce confusion and potential mishaps.

Refinable’s mission is to provide accessible and practical NFT experience for all users and communities to engage in. With such a high level of uncertainty, it will not be in our community’s best interest to continue with the TGE and staking event.

As a team, we must thank and extend our gratitude to the community for bearing with us through this!

It has been brought to our attention that there are instances of fake $FINE tokens on PancakeSwap. Do not attempt to purchase any $FINE tokens before an official listing announcement.

Please note that Refinable team members will NEVER message you first on any platform. Do not fall for these scams! Stay vigilant and stay tuned to our socials for the official announcements.

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