Join the Refinable Ecosystem: A Review of Everything $FINE

The Refinable Ecosystem

As we roll out many new and exciting features such as Refinable Stores and Metaverse Gallery, here’s a back-to-basics blog post on the Refinable Ecosystem. Get familiar with the ins and outs of our platform to better understand how it can support you on your NFT journey!

The $FINE token is the backbone of the Refinable platform. With it, you can trade NFTs, acquire Refinable membership, enjoy the corresponding tiered benefits and also gain early access to new features!

As of early December 2021, users can now trade NFTs using $FINE in addition to other options offered, namely BNB, USDT, and BUSD! While gas fees for transactions must still be made in BNB or using the native token of each blockchain network, this option has most definitely enabled traders greater convenience on the platform.

$FINE token can be purchased on 4 exchanges at the moment: PancakeSwap (v2),, AscendEX, and BitMart.

Refinable supports a multi-chain NFT marketplace to enable users the best flexibility in dealing with their digital assets. Currently, we support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon on our platform, with plans to explore integration with Solana soon.

As mentioned above, gas fees for each transaction need to be paid in the native tokens of each blockchain network. Users should note that tokens from one network may not transfer over to another and so you will need to convert the token from one network to another to ensure compatibility. For example, BNB on Ethereum network is not the same as BNB on Binance Smart Chain.

Native tokens of each blockchain network can be easily obtained from crypto exchanges such as Binance. Before purchasing, do make sure the token is on the correct network!

Here’s a quick round-up of the various native tokens used on the Refinable platform.

$FINE Membership Benefits

According to the amount of $FINE you hold, users are entitled to benefits on Refinable such as trading privileges, increased exposure, and early access to new features!

There are 5 tiers of membership — Basic, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Diamond+/Founders and each membership level has a corresponding set of benefits.

The average amount of $FINE tokens in your wallet over a period of 14 days will determine your membership level. For example, users with an average of 20 $FINE tokens over a 2-week period will be granted the Silver membership.

To reciprocate your contribution to the Refinable platform, the more $FINE tokens you possess, the higher your level of membership will be and naturally you will be entitled to more trading privileges. In short, lower buyer fees, higher seller fees and higher royalty limits you can set for your NFTs! All to support you in making your venture a more profitable one!

$FINE Membership Tiers and Benefits

In addition to the trading privileges, the higher your level of membership is, you also enjoy larger exposure on the platform. The creation limit, or the number of NFTs, you can mint on is higher and you are also granted longer auction days. As you show more support for Refinable through $FINE, you’ll be given more flexibility in engaging with content on our platform. To learn more details about the utility function of the $FINE token in detail, see our blog post here.

Last but not least, to access some of our new features such as the Refinable Stores and Metaverse Gallery, users will often require at least a Silver membership. Keep up with our new developments by upgrading your membership level! And check out our blog post on the Metaverse Gallery to learn more about it!

Now that you are familiar with the Refinable Ecosystem, make your way to major exchanges to get your $FINE tokens today!

About Refinable
Refinable is a decentralized multi-chain NFT platform and marketplace designed for creating, trading, exploring, and leveraging NFTs. The project’s aim is to become the go-to platform that empowers individuals and communities to adopt and benefit from the experience of using NFTs through their low transaction fees and high efficiencies when it comes to creating and trading on the blockchain.

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