New Logo, New Look for Refinable

Looking FINE at Refinable

Following the successful release of our NFT hub, we are happy to launch our new logo as we begin to refresh our look and enter into a new era of adoption for blockchain technology and NFTs.

Refinable’s core values of delivering confidence and clarity to our users are present throughout the Refinable NFT Hub. Our new logo uses black and white color schemes to demonstrate “less is more” approach which we believe is more refined. By doing this, we are not only embracing simplicity, but we are also offering a more cohesive visual identity throughout our brand.

With ultra-low transaction fees and transparent processing, Refinable aims to make minting, buying, and selling NFTs as easy and cost-efficient as possible. The new logo and submark encompass the platform’s functional and technical aspects in a clean and minimal way. The addition of a dark colour scheme will also allow users to focus only on the artwork for quick and effortless browsing on our Explore page.

What to Expect Moving Forward

As a Refinable community member, you can expect that we will continue to prioritize design and improve user experience to optimize growth for the platform and for our FINE holders! Thank you for the user feedback that we have received since our beta launch. We greatly appreciate all of your responses and support.

Later this year, we have planned new features to increase engagement within our community. To expand our marketplace to more creators, we have also planned several campaigns to promote artists and supportive Refinable users. Receive the latest updates by following us on our social media channels!

About Refinable

Invested by Binance and Mr Beast, Refinable is the first major NFT marketplace on BSC, empowering both individual creators and beloved brands to easily and affordably create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs. Supporting all communities in engaging with NFTs is Refinable’s mission and we look forward to empowering the next generation of digital transactions.

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