New Roadmap for New Visions! 😎

Welcome to the first of four announcements! We’ve noticed that our community regularly asks for progress updates, so in this blog we’ll be taking a look at what we’ve achieved since our launch and what our future expectations are. Whether you’re an existing member of the $FINE Fam or a newcomer, read on for the latest roadmap updates.

Check out our updated roadmap on the official Refinable Gitbook!

Previously, our roadmap was situated on our landing page. However, moving forward, we will be moving it to Gitbook. Gitbook will also have all of our help center articles and any other information relevant to Refinable. Not only will the roadmap display upcoming priorities, but also past achievements which will be summarized in the following paragraph.

It’s been quite the flurry of activity since our launch and the months have flown by. Having launched our platform in May 2021, we started with the building blocks of our project. We set up basic platform features such as wallet integration, creating NFTs via ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, fixed sale prices, profile setup, collection filters and more. The marketplace has come a long way since the beta launch and we appreciate all the user feedback we have received!

With regards to our native token, FINE, we listed it on multiple exchanges — PancakeSwap,, Bitmart, and Ascendex. Additionally, we created staking pools on PancakeSwap and MantraDao and added membership benefits for token holders. In the latter half of 2021, Q3 saw the Refinable team hard at work with support for Polygon, timed auction sales, intercom support handling, royalty customization to name a few and the successful collaboration with Digital Art Fair Asia as their official NFT partner with over $300,000 USD sales generated in three weeks!

Now in the final quarter of the year, we integrated the Ethereum network alongside marketplace and landing page upgrades. Our streamlined NFT platform now exhibits collection statistics, improved mobile experience, and increased DDOS resistance. But the job isn’t finished. With a month and a bit to go, our community can look forward to Solana support, listing in $FINE as a payment option on Refinable, custom marketplaces, and a handy Developer SDK among other items. Moving forward, we will release quarterly roadmap updates on Gitbook to be flexible and agile with the current NFT landscape instead of having a fixed and rigid roadmap.

All that we have completed to date was only possible because of the love and support our community has shown us. Your passion for NFTs has fueled our drive and ambitions to take Refinable to the moon. For full information on our roadmap, check our Gitbook or our Telegram where regular updates are provided. See you in the next announcement!

About Refinable
Refinable is a decentralized multi-chain NFT platform and marketplace designed for creating, trading, exploring, and leveraging NFTs. The project’s aim is to become the go-to platform that empowers individuals and communities to adopt and benefit from the experience of using NFTs through their low transaction fees and high efficiencies when it comes to creating and trading on the blockchain.

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