Refinable and Tooniplay Team Up to Bring Licensed NFTs

Our goal at Refinable is to become the ultimate NFT platform for users to create, discover, trade and leverage all forms of digital content using blockchain technology. To help achieve our goals, we are delighted to announce that Refinable has partnered with Tooniplay!

Tooniplay is a Korean media and gaming company that hosts some of the most popular cartoons and webtoons in Asia! Through our partnership, Tooniplay will provide licensed content that is exclusive to Refinable!

Bringing Gamified IP to the Blockchain

The desire among individuals to own something unique is natural and is not exclusive to any specific industry, making the gaming industry a perfect recipient to enjoy the benefits that NFTs provide.

Tooniplay clearly understands this and has taken popular intellectual property across Asia and gamified them and has allowed Refinable to tokenize these contents to turn them into rare, valuable and verifiably scarce collectibles.

This partnership will be Refinable’s first foray into certifiable limited and branded items, empowering our community to buy, sell and trade NFTs from some of their favorite fictional universes!

By staying at the forefront of technology and introducing digital items from well-known brands that gamers are already accustomed to, Refinable will further establish ourselves as an industry leader.

We will be launching our first round of branded NFT collectibles soon; can you guess the first brand of NFTs that will be listed and released on our platform?

About Tooniplay

Tooniplay is one the most well-established players in the Asian fantasy, anime and gaming market. Tooniplay’s value proposition is obvious — they gamifying some of Asia’s favorite brands and fantasy worlds to allow users to play with their favorite characters and lore in-game.

Tooniplay’s forward thinking outlook and ambitious offerings make them a perfect partner for Refinable and we hope to expand on their goals by bringing their gamified and branded products to the Refinable and BSC ecosystem.

About Refinable

Powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Refinable offers every person a reliable way of transacting unique items online through our NFT marketplace. We believe the use of NFTs as a medium of exchange can provide a greater degree of confidence to those who wish to transact high value or limited items such as collectibles, game items, digital artwork, unique files, domains, event tickets, lottery tickets, and more.

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