Refinable Announces Backing from Top Investment Firms

Refinable is proud to announce we have secured investments from AU21 Capital, Coin United, Double Peak, and x21, some of the top global blockchain-based investment firms. Together, these firms boast a strong track record of establishing and growing global projects and will provide Refinable with access to an invaluable network of resources and in-depth advisory support in preparation for our much-anticipated launch.

Strong Backing Sets a Solid Foundation for Refinable

Commenting on their investment in Refinable, AU21 Capital stated that, “We are excited to partner with Refinable as they set a new standard in the market for Non-Fungible Tokens. With the explosive growth in the NFT segment, it has become apparent that the infrastructure supporting these digital assets has not been able to meet newfound demand. Refinable leverages novel technologies, including the Binance Smart Chain, to provide a highly performant and inexpensive exchange mechanism that will allow for the full potential of NFT’s to be actualized.”

This sentiment was also shared by CoinUnited who expressed the following, “We believe it is only the beginning of NFT development and there will be a lot more value being unlocked for all kinds of digital content. Refinable’s marketplace approach and strong management team are the best to capture the growth of NFTs and take the industry to the next level.”

Double Peak is also very excited for what the future holds with Refinable, saying that Refinable is “Strategically located within one of the highest density markets in the world. Refinable is one of the most exciting NFT Projects we have seen on the BSC Network. We are excited to work together and leverage our deep network within the institutional crypto space to rapidly scale up Refinable.”

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