Refinable Chooses Cinchblock as Our Official Marketing Partner

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Cinchblock, a top tier blockchain marketing firm with expertise in both the Asian and Western markets, as our official marketing partner. Over the last few years, Cinchblock has successfully guided countless top notch crypto projects every step from pre-IDO to launch, and played a vital role in supporting post-launch community growth.

Adding Value to the Refinable Network

With Refinable, there will be a series of in-depth educational and promotional campaigns to bring awareness and adoption of NFTs to the masses. Our partnership with Cinchblock is highly complementary as it will allow us to utilize the depth of Cinchblock’s crypto industry knowledge and marketing expertise and enable Refinable to reach its full potential.

Cinchblock is well-known for having established a lot of key connections throughout the distributed ledger technology industry which can assist us in building the Refinable community and securing future partnerships with different players within the industry.

With their extensive experience operating across diverse global markets, Cinchblock has the ability to showcase and communicate Refinable’s value-adding product offerings to various communities and encourage communal experimentation with NFTs.

We look forward to this partnership and are excited to work with Cinchblock to empower all creators, traders and collectors to be part of this new paradigm.

About Cinchblock

Cinchblock is one of the top blockchain marketing firms in the industry. By having a wide focus on every aspect of a company’s marketing needs, from promotions, partnerships, content design and creation, and more, Cinchblock provides their clients with the optimal marketing experience.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cinchblock has a robust team of specialists from all across the globe that allows them to focus on specific go-to-market strategies catered to each project’s needs. Cinchblock doesn’t just focus on product launch as they stay along for the ride well after, making sure that all the projects they work with enjoy sustained success.

About Refinable

Invested by Binance and Mr Beast, Refinable is the first major NFT marketplace on BSC, empowering both individual creators and beloved brands to easily and affordably create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs. Supporting all communities in engaging with NFTs is Refinable’s mission and we look forward to empowering the next generation of digital transactions.

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Refinable is the definitive NFT hub to create, discover, trade, and leverage any digital content on Binance Smart Chain.

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