Refinable Launch Day & $FINE Holder Benefits!

We are over the moon to announce that the Refinable NFT hub is officially live. We have entered a new era for Refinable; individual users and entire communities can now create, discover, trade, and leverage any digital content on Binance Smart Chain!

We want to congratulate our community and team for their outstanding work, suggestions, improvements, as well as, the long days and nights resulting in the launch of the Refinable platform today.

We are thankful to be part of such an intelligent, passionate, and committed community of artists, crypto enthusiasts, and those who are exploring this ecosystem for the first time!

$FINE Holder Benefits

In accordance with our whitepaper, Refinable will discount service fees for users based on the amount of FINE tokens held. Using the 30 day average of the tokens held in a wallet, a tiered discount structure will be applied to the buyer on primary sales and secondary sale fees. See below for the exact discount structure.

Beyond just service fee discounts, FINE tokens also allow access to increased feature allowances on minting, tagging, rarity, and royalty. For our most dedicated users, FINE community members are incentivized to purchase and hold our native token to access the feature allowances they desire. We believe this tiered structure can encourage more community engagement with our FINE token, as well as discourage the proliferation of low effort content.

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Refinable is an interactive, multi-chain NFT marketplace that provides a one-stop solution to create, discover, trade and leverage NFTs ▶