Refinable Partners with Formation Fi

As the excitement around DeFi is growing, Refinable is delighted to announce our partnership with Formation Fi to bring NFTs to DeFi yield farming. This partnership will empower creators and traders with greater accessibility to both NFTs and DeFi yield applications.

Formation Fi is the smart yield farming 2.0 protocol that aims to revolutionize DeFi portfolio risk, thereby maximizing yield in the long run. Its Risk Parity Protocol algorithmically rebases the best performing farming strategies with a high degree of composability across major blockchains.

The partnership will bring mutual accessibility across two blockchain fronts. Formation Fi aims to lower barriers to DeFi yield aggregation and optimization via their proprietary application, while Refinable aims to do similarly with NFT engagement for users, brands, and communities, starting with the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Both platforms enable real-world value via productizing digital assets for their respective communities to drive greater adoption in the space.

Formation Fi Lucky Draw for $FINE Holders!

In celebration of the partnership, we are offering the Refinable community a chance to win an airdrop allocation worth of $2000 Formation Fi token ($FORM).

Requirements to qualify for the event:

$FORM Lucky Draw Details:

Total Airdrop Value: $2000 in $FORM token to 20 randomly picked winners ($100 each)
Lucky Draw Result: Winners will be announced on our Telegram once the lucky draw is over
Reward Distribution Date: During $FORM Token Generation Event (TGE) in mid June

We are also looking forward to Formation FI’s upcoming integration with additional financial and payment tools. Stay tuned and keep updated for more information about our collaboration!

About Formation Fi

Formation Fi is a DeFi project that aims to take yield farming to another level by integrating the risk parity strategy first implemented by billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio for stock markets. The yield farming protocol developed by Formation Fi distributes risk across multiple uncorrelated assets within the crypto space. The protocol is chain agnostic, community-oriented, and targets long-term success.

Formation Fi’s Risk Parity Protocol delivers four index coins that reflect four classes of cross-chain farming strategies. These are ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, and $FORM. The protocol aims to provide the best risk-reward ratio and help investors leverage the DeFi space to reach financial stability.

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About Refinable

Refinable is the first dedicated NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain. With investments from Binance and Mr. Beast, we are creating an accessible environment for any user, brand, and community to engage with NFTs. This means providing an ultra low-cost, fast, and secure place for retail and crypto users alike.

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Refinable is the definitive NFT hub to create, discover, trade, and leverage any digital content on Binance Smart Chain.

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