Refinable Partners with Sator to Integrate NFTs Into TV Series Decisions

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to present another first within the growing distributed ledger technology and NFTs spaces. We are thrilled to officially announce that Refinable, our recently launched Binance Smart Chain-based NFT platform, is teaming up with Sator to use NFTs and FINE token stakeholders as a determining factor for aspects of the plot of Sator-activated TV shows. Sator offers users an open economy around television viewer engagement, and this partnership will allow viewers to get directly involved in shows. Show fans and our users who watch the shows will now have the material ability to affect change and guide them in the direction they would find most entertaining.

Another Innovative Use Case For NFTs

Using NFTs, previously unexamined use cases are coming to life for the first time, and with Sator by our side, we are setting the stage for what this could look like through an innovative new offering. When users purchase their Sator NFT, not only will they get a unique digital collectible, but they will have real power over the future of Sator’s television programs.

This is the first release generated from our new partnership with Sator, but users should expect more offerings to come as we continue to work and develop our collective ideas. We will first apply the NFT capabilities to a comedy TV series, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, and Sator plans to involve users a lot more in the future production of their entertainment. With this new partnership, it seems like the sky is the limit for both of us as we continue to grow and expand.

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