Following the announcement regarding our public beta, we’re delighted to announce the Refinable Platform is now available to the public!

Refinable’s Public Beta is a significant milestone for us to showcase a working product that satisfies our high standards to our fantastic community and supporters.

Thanks to the incredible effort of our private Beta participants, we are now happy that the foundations of our platform are solid, reliable, and robust enough to support the next stage of release with our Public Beta launch.

The Public Beta launch will be available to professional and aspiring artists from all over the world…

Refinable is eager to announce that our live stream lottery to conclude our LP staking lottery event on MANTRA DAO will be held on the official Refinable Youtube channel on May 11th, starting at around 11am UTC. The lottery will happen in real-time during the live stream with the winners being drawn by different members and guests of the Refinable team. A brief rundown of the event flow will be as follows:

Tentative Schedule:

11:00 AM UTC: Event Opening

11:15 AM UTC: Live questions with Gemmy and Nick Chan

11:30 AM UTC: Message from the Refinable team

11:45 AM UTC: Lottery drawing…

One of Refinable’s first goals is to ensure that the overall foundations of our platform are solid, reliable, and robust enough to support the team’s ambitious expansion and development plans. With the positive reception received from our ongoing private BETA platform, we are very excited that the public BETA platform is now officially ready and will be launching around mid-May

The public BETA launch will be available to professional and aspiring artists from all over the world. We’re excited to have our community try out the Refinable platform and start showcasing their digital content through many mediums and formats. …

We’re excited to announce the #BigBangNFT Competition! Starting April 30th we will be calling all artists, creators, and the whole BSC community to submit your most creative ideas for the chance to have your artwork immortalized in history and minted on the Refinable marketplace. Additionally, there will also be unique NFTs, $FINE tokens, and $BNB up for grabs!

The name of the competition aims to capture the essence of the Big Bang caused by the boom of NFTs on Binance Smart Chain, to win you will need to allow your creativity to guide you. …

This post expands on a recap posted by our cofounder Nicholas Chan

This is an official recap of Refinable’s Token Generation Event (TGE) based on the investigation from the community and the Refinable team. In this recap, we will address the significant events that occurred, paired with a full transaction audit, in order to provide transparency on how our TGE was affected by third-party actors

The Refinable team worked tirelessly for weeks to prepare for our $FINE token launch program but despite our best efforts to curtail the actions of malicious bots on our TGE, we were unable to…

Do NOT attempt to buy FINE before an official announcement is made on our channels. There are multiple scam tokens imitating FINE on PancakeSwap. Please beware!

We are excited to officially announce the launch of our $FINE token on Polkastarter and our subsequent listing on PancakeSwap!

Please read this article carefully to ensure you’re transacting with official Refinable contracts and take some time to familiarize yourself with our TGE schedule.

1.Polkastarter IDO

  • Date: April 27, 2021–1:00 PM UTC
  • Token price: $0.033 / FINE
  • Max entries: 500 users per pool (POLS & Public)*
    - Public pool
    - POLS holder pool
  • Max…

Update: The new official Refinable Polkastarter IDO date is 27th April 2021, 1:00PM UTC.

We are extremely grateful for all the community support we have received throughout the past several weeks and hope to cap off our token sale with a smooth and eventful token launch. Unfortunately, due to delays in the planned PancakeSwap V2 Migration event, we have decided to postpone our token launch today instead.

PancakeSwap V2 Migration Delays

PancakeSwap is currently undergoing a migration event to upgrade its V2 staking platform. All existing LP tokens will be affected and users will be required to upgrade their V1 LP tokens. Because our…

Security should never be taken for granted, which is why it’s always great to see highly anticipated projects take serious precautions towards securing their application and their future community value. Refinable made sure that we can instill confidence in our users and the larger community by having our smart contract code audited and verified for safety by Hacken and Slowmist, two of the most respected security and code auditing firms.

Together, these firms represent some of the most reputable names in the smart contract auditing business. Their stamp of approval signifies the strict implementations Refinable’s development team has made within…

To celebrate the conclusion of our token sale and the launch of our $FINE token on PancakeSwap, we will be hosting an extraordinary lottery pool for early community liquidity providers, giving away prizes including iPad Pros, iPhone 12 Pros, and a Tesla Model 3 for our grand prize!

Introducing the $FINE LP Staking Lottery

Our $FINE tokens will officially list on PancakeSwap on April 23, shortly after we will offer our unique SUPER YIELD $FINE Lottery LP Staking Pool on MANTRA DAO, so our early liquidity providers may stake their Pancake LP Tokens to earn rewards AND qualify for our lucky draw!

Refinable has found yet another way to revolutionize the financial use cases of NFTs financial use cases. Following the much-anticipated partnership with the LABS Group (“LABS”), Refinable is set to bring forth a new asset class to the NFT trading world, Real Estate. Users will soon be able to easily list, buy, sell, and exchange real estate timeshare NFTs on the Refinable platform. By combining Refinable’s fast, cost-effective and simple-to-use NFT platform with the LABS Group’s real estate tokenization movement, this partnership will help expand the already developing NFT marketplace sector.

Real Estate Trading made Easy

LABS and Refinable are looking to provide everyday investors…


Refinable is the definitive NFT hub to create, discover, trade, and leverage any digital content on Binance Smart Chain.

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